Career Education

Study Curriculum


All students study hard to enter the most competitive universities right after graduation. High quality study curriculum is offered under the assumption that all students go to university.

Future Education

All students must study hard to go to university. We provide adequate information for students to make decisions regarding their future paths by offering meetings with an individual counselor as well as career path lectures.

Every year, many of our students enter the most competitive public and private universities such as the University of Tokyo and the University of Tsukuba (public schools), as well as Waseda University and Keio University (private schools).

Universities in which our students have enrolled (2021)

Public schools

219 students in total (158 go directly to colleges)
Tsukuba (36), Tohoku (21), Tokyo (22), Ibaraki (25), Hokkaido (8), Chiba (10),
Yokohama National University(5), Tokyo Institute of Technology(5), Kyoto(4),
Osaka (9), Nagoya(4), Kyushu(4), Tokyo University of Foreign Studies(1),
Ochanomizu (6), Hitotsubashi(7),etc.

Private schools

736 students passed exams (430 go directly to colleges)
Tokyo University of Science (106), Meiji University (52), Waseda University (50), Chuo University (38),
Hosei University (28), Keio University (33), Rikkyo University (37),
Aoyama Gakuin University (14), Sophia University (16), etc.

Faculty of Medicine (Department of Medicine)

10 students passed exams (7 go directly to colleges)